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Good Vibes
“La mayor nobleza de los hombres es la de levantar su obra en medio de la devastación, sosteniéndola infatigablemente, a medio camino entre el desgarro y la belleza.”
― Ernesto Sabato

And I thought about how many people have loved those songs. And how many people got through a lot of bad times because of those songs. And how many people enjoyed good times with those songs. And how much those songs really mean. I think it would be great to have written one of those songs. I bet if I wrote one of them, I would be very proud. I hope the people who wrote those songs are happy. I hope they feel it’s enough. I really do because they’ve made me happy. And I’m only one person.

Stephen Chbosky (via realizes)

(via realizes)


Eso sii ! 😉